Collaboration is Key

Nov 13, 2020

An Update from Commissioner Infante-Green

As the Rhode Island Education Operations Center (EdOC) Outreach Team continues to travel around our state meeting with school leaders, school nurses, custodians, educators, and other members of the PreK-12 community, we have seen a great sense of appreciation and ingenuity as they collect challenges, lessons learned, successes, and perhaps most importantly, best practices.

It is clear that our school leaders are making decisions that center on their school communities’ health and safety, as well as strong educational practices. With that in mind, the EdOC has developed this Best Practices Information Guide to share the creativity we are seeing in our schools and classrooms. Please take a moment to review some of the amazing work our state has done in difficult times to stay safe and learning.

Thank you to all of the schools for your great ideas and contributions — we appreciate the innovation and continued commitment during challenging times. If you would like to submit your own best practice for consideration in our information sheet, please email